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Usability will be the barometer of success of any change involving technology.   You can have the best technology, but if it doesn't match the needs of the end user, or is deployed in a fashion that discourages use, you will never realize the benefits of the effort spent.  Studies show that any change to an established condition undergoes a period of reduced productivity associated with the acceptance of the change.  Creating and deploying systems that reduce this period of adjustment and move it to a point of improved productivity is directly relative to the involvement and understanding of the user's business and temperament.

By including the needs of the end user, in addition to the overall business, in the design of the product, and including them in the process, ownership and acceptance of the change is improved.  Success is not only measured by ROI, but also by ROC, (Return On Change).  By bridging the gap between the business and technology, we combine work process analysis with the progressive improvement Process Model of MSF to create a business change cycle that is incremental and gradually improves productivity while minimizing lost productivity due to change.

We work with and coordinate efforts with other companies that specialize in maximizing ROC.  For more information on the skills and experience of one of our User Performance Managers, contact us directly.

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Last modified: February 11, 2002