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Application Development projects that produce software applications critical to your business, require efficient use of limited and expensive development resources.   Often those who are best at building, lack the skills or desire to manage the process and efforts of developers. The unique combination of technical and interpersonal skills necessary for this role are difficult to find, but can dramatically reduce costs and increase the quality and success ratio of IT projects.

Our Develop Managers possess the technical skills and experience to successfully manage this process by breaking larger tasks into small binary milestones and then holding developers accountable to their commitments.  By providing direct feedback and status as to the project progress and issues, effective Development Management isolates the individual developers from unstructured distractions that rob them of their focus and reduce their overall productivity.

Our Development Managers have experience in a wide range of IT environments with projects of all sizes using a wide range of technologies, from mainframe to PC.  For more information on our availability and backgrounds, contact us directly.

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Last modified: February 11, 2002