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Program Management is often confused with Project Management because many of the traditional administrative functions of Project Management, scheduling, budgeting and communication are performed by the Program Manager.  The MSF Program Manager, however differs substantially by having a focus on facilitating the ideas and activities of the other team members rather than directing their efforts.  This subtle difference empowers the team to become self managing and accountable. 

Effective Program Managers can be the mechanism to adopting the Framework within an organization.  With little training ground for these skills other than years of experience riddled with successes and failures, this role is difficult to fulfill within the organization where challenges to the status quo can be a career limiting move.   When performing the role of Program Manager as an outside consultant, we are afforded opportunities because of our objective perspective.  We work to develop internal Program Managers, thereby creating a culture that supports the Team Model and the principles of MSF.

Our Program Managers have experience in a wide range of IT environments with projects of all sizes, application development and infrastructure deployment.  For more information on our availability and backgrounds, contact us directly.

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Last modified: February 11, 2002