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Your ability to deliver on customer expectations directly impacts the likelihood of securing project business.  Demonstrating that your organization follows an industry accepted process can provide that assurance during the sales cycle, resulting in more contracts.  Delivering better results in shorter timeframes increases both customer satisfaction and profit margins. 

MSF employs a milestone-based process model that provides guidelines on how to plan and control results-oriented projects based on their scope, the resources available, and the schedule. It is an iterative and adaptable model that:

bulletDefines critical manageable milestones for development.
bulletCreates explicit team accountability.
bulletAddresses the risks of a project early in the planning stages.
bulletDefines the variables and priorities that affect scheduling, feature, and trade-off decisions.

These guidelines produce better decisions, less rework, higher morale, and a higher quality product. And, by addressing support and performance issues as part of the development process, the Process Model can lower the risk of rolling out new solutions and lower the cost of ownership.

This one day class addresses how to leverage the concepts of MSF in the sales cycle to increase comfort levels in clients and improve their perception of you ability to deliver.   Recommended for Sales, Mangers and Technical Sales personnel.

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Last modified: February 11, 2002