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Team Model

Success is not a product of Technology, but of People.  People produce results, deliver on projects and Get Things Done.  Any Team is a collection of unique individuals.  Maximizing each team members strengths and compensating for their shortcomings is the essence of team building.  Team building is not a magical art limited to the few high performers, but does require conscious and deliberate discipline to create.

This course introduces the roles of the MSF Team and combines it with a personal behavior tool.  By understanding preferred behaviors of the individual team members, appropriate Project Structure can be created that supports the progressive development of high performance teams that repeatably produce quality results. 

This is a one day class designed for new or existing Teams that work together to a common end.  Used as a jump-start to a new team or to regenerate stalled teams, all team members will walk away with increased understanding and respect for their fellow teammates and an understanding on how to devise an appropriate level of project structure and administration.

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Last modified: February 11, 2002