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The Project2000 Simulation Workshop is designed to be delivered in conjunction with the Project Management Simulations. By tracking the activities experienced in the simulation with the tool of Microsoft Project2000, the disciplines of planning, scheduling, tracking, controlling and reporting are learned and practiced using the simulation as a practical lab. 

This workshop uses the Integrated Project Management curriculum and the Process Bridge software to develop consistent and repeatable project management practices with the tool of Microsoft Project2000. By mirroring the activities of the simulation in Project2000, consistent reporting and tracking of Key Performance Indicators, KPIs, budget and schedule reports are learned.

Since this workshop parallels the difference simulation workshops, it is designed as a one-day follow-up class to the simulation. However, the outputs from the simulation can be used as a lab in the 3-day Integrated Project Management workshop to add greater reality to the tracking and controlling phases of the project process.

Geof Lory is a Certified Project Direct Instructor and certified to guide the Fissure and Davis & Dean project management simulations. His combination of experience with both environments allows him to add real life practical practice to the use of Microsoft Project2000. 

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Last modified: February 11, 2002